A Steampunk Breakfast

Now that was a day to remember: My dear we, our good friend Andrea and me went to meet a few new æthernet acquaintances face-to-face at the Victorian House in Munich.

Oh happy day! What a perfect place for a steampunk to hang out. The interior takes me back to the days when I visited a family friend in London, back in the glorious days of Queen Victoria, when steam-powered cars roamed the street and… I digress…

Now here you can see a lovely cup of tea and a plate just before the arrival of the scones:

Steampunk Cream Tea 1

And here’s a painting of an unknown dignitary:

A dignitary

And another shot of our fully set table:

Steampunk Cream Tea 2

The lady on the left is our good friend Andrea, the gentleman on the right is Louis, it was, as I said, our first meeting with him and we were most delighted to have met him.

We talked a lot about the olden days, however, this was more a spiritual discussion an not one involving technology, so, very little steam in there.

But a very pleasant and memorable day none the less. The acquaintances we made have proven most profitable and have turned into friends. We are well pleased.

Long live Kaiser Friedrich!

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