An expedition to the borders of civilization

On the 28th of June we set out from Munich.

We went on an expedition to the borders of civilisation: Lower Franconia. We would set our base-camp in Würzburg and from there penetrate deeper into the blasphemic regions where the gene-pool is shallow and the minds are narrow. I grew up there, I should know, luckily, my family hails from other parts.

But, I was carrying my trusted goggles (the one true badge of the steampunk) and was wearing brass cuff-links, so no ill would befall us.

Arriving in Würzburg we found to our delight that the Great Airkraken had blessed us, which was a sure sign the goggles and cuff-links had worked their magic. Due to a shortage of the type of automobile I booked via the æthernet we were upgraded free of charge to the next bigger model.

After taking a trial cruise to get a feel for the automobile (a Nissan from the realm of Meiji Tenno) we set up our base-camp in the rooms above the Paperla Pub in Würzburg, where we found to our delight that they stocked over 150 different beers from all over the world, but I shall come back to this.

So, after taking our necessary gear and offering sacrifices to the Great Airkraken we set out to visit Wertheim. The trip deeper into Lower Franconia was luckily quite uneventful. Those parts of the family which hadn’t managed to leave this place of blasphemic abnormal life nested between the dark and forbidding hills of the Spessart and Odenwald were happy to see us and we were happy to see them having survived in such adverse conditions for so long.

But it wasn’t before long that a certain part of my family managed to go on a racist rant yet again and so we left this hamlet where creatures of dubious genetic heritage howl at a drooping moon at night and returned to Würzburg for an unforeseen but fortunate encounter with unexpected aspects of the Dark Continent.

While browsing the Paperla Pubs menu we found a stunning range of beverages of the beery occupation including many out of Africa.

So, in the end we tried two beers by Mongozo (which by the way means “Cheers”), another African beer and, to my surprise, a Palestinian Pils. All very good, especially the coconut and banana beers from the Mongozo brewery.

And here a picture taken that evening:
And still more beer

Mongozo Coconut is the Lord of the Jungle of all beers!

A true blessing to come out of Africa!