Steampunk Zeppelin over Munich

So, two weeks ago my wife, my good friend Timo and me went to see the Tollwood. The weather was bad but the people were nice and the food was not too shabby either.

All of a sudden, through the heavy clouds, pregnant with rain there descendet a familiar sight. A boon to the eye of every steampunk. From the heavens descendet a Zeppelin, but not just any Zeppelin, it was the LZ-X1 Württemberg on another of its steampunk expeditions. Apparently it had drifted through a temporal vortex within the Æther in true steampunk fashion and ended up in Munich. The Württemberg headed for the pylon on top of the Olympiaturm and docked there, as can bee seen in this image:

Steampunk Zeppelin over Munich

Ahhhh… what a happy sight…

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