Culinary Delights every Steampunk can enjoy

Something I wanted to put up here for quite a while now:

I am an admierer of Japan. I love the people, the culture, the cuisine. Fortunately for me, right across the street (10 m or so from my door) is the Kushiage Enn. In my humble opinion the best restaurant in the whole of Munich. The meals and the tea, both macha and ocha, are excellent and a culinary delight second to none.

Here is an image of a Kushi menue:

Kushi Menue

O-cha, rice, miso soup and seven Kushi. I especially enjoy the prawn (ebi), which is the Kushi in the middle.

My wife and me and the Matsubara family are close friends and we also stumbled into a TV documentary made about the restaurant and the Matsubara family by TV Asahi of Japan.

So yes, I am obviously doing some advertising here, by Jove why should I not? The Airkraken and Cthulhu shall devour everyone who complains. The Matsubara family are our friends, theirs is the best restaurant in Munich, of course I praise them in my blog. They also help me learn Japanese in preparation of our greatest expedition too date: The Exploration of Japan, scheduled for March ’09.

And before I forget, here’s another image:

Traditional sugar-cookies, served along with macha:

This concludes today’s entry.

Next entry will be: The Steampunk encounters the Cosplayers…