The Steampunk encounters the Cosplayers

As you may have gathered already, I am pretty fond of Japan and Japanese culture, so it is quite fortunate Munich hosts the Japan Fest every year. My wife and me went with some friends and we really enjoyed it. I shall post some fotos I took with a semi-professional didgcam on a later date when I finally got round to download them onto my harddrive. The ones here were taken with my mobile phone cam.

Now, you can think that Steampunks are quite an odd lot, perhaps not quite as scary as goths in full gear but still a little odd… But:

I think cosplayers beat Steampunks in oddness.

In this case this only means: They deviate even further from mainstream-dresscode than we Steampunks do. It is basically like Live Action Role Playing in full gear without a role playing game going on and the people do not act like the characters they impersonate, and I apologize for misinterpretation and misrepresentations I have made here.

So here are two fotos taken that day, first one: Link from “Legend of Zelda”, the only character I actually recognized:

The lady in the wheelchair is my wife, just to inform you.

So here is another shot of a gaggle of cosplayers:

I have no idea whom they were impersonating but it sure was fun o hang around.