A not so Steampunk thought about US Politics

Whenever I turn my eyes towards the US these days I feel a sudden urge to scream I guess it’s one of the things you have to cope with in a world where satellite communication and the internet in general make the world so small. The bad news does not crawl across the Atlantic towards the cradle of Western Civilization (i.e. Europe) but rather it beams there instantly.

Oh well, too bad the Steampunk Age actually never was, who knows if we had a banking desaster like the one that is still unfolding in the US and I also wonder if the US had a Governor as mentally, errh.. restricted as Gov. Palin (I refuse to use the first name in this context as it would blemish the name of one of my best friends). Oh well, next, something steampunk from youtube:

Something Steampunk followed by something important: