Emilie Autumn – A Steampunks demented dream come true

So, a week ago to the day my good friend Timo, my beloved wife Lila and me went to Augsburg to attend a concert by the most talented, beautiful and gifted lady Emilie Autumn and her ragtag band of fellow Asylum inmates called The Bloody Crumpets.

Apart from the excellent music I once more got to dress in my Steampunk Parade uniform: White Shirt (1900’s style), prussian-blue breeches, riding boots, vest and my beloved 1855 pocket watch and my goggles (the ones you see here).

The Rockfabrik Augsburg, where the marvelous event took place, has also turned into one of my favorite clubs. The interior is spacy, well ventilated, drinks are reasonably priced and the cuisine is excellent for a club catering tonthe needs of the Metal and Goth crowd.
But I digress…

The concert was one of the most memorable and excellent I ever attended. A laudanum-laced fantasy and tumble through the minds of the inmates of Emilie Autumns Asylum and, in best Victorian fashion, everything was served with tea and biscuits. So without further ado, some images taken at the event:

One glorious event for Metalheads, Goths and Steampunks alike (and never forget: There were quite a few Gothic Lolitas present).