Steampunked Transhumanism

For those who do not know: Transhumanism is a philosophy/mindset which basically, in short and too much abreviation means: Improving the human condition by more or less any means necessary. For more details, See the Transhumanism article in the Wikipedia and another one on Orions Arm.

This has actually quite a bit in common with Steampunk. Where Transhumanism employs genetic engeneering, nanotechnology, cybernetics and the like to improve the human condition (it is a little bit of sci-fi combined with medical discovery and stuff which may be possible in the foreseeable future), Steampunk uses Victorian Age tech and weird science.

In Steampunk settings mad scientists and crazed inventorers are hard at work to help their fellow men by any means necessary.  You get weird science chimeras, people with electrically/steam/clockwork-powered limbs, weapons as limbs, weird potions with strange side effects (e.g. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and lots of other more or less weird things are going on to make life, more or less, easier. All with a little bit of polished (or greasy) brass and a touch of Art Deco.

So, as a Steampunk living in the present I am all in favor of transhumanism, not only because it is the logical projection of Steampunk-style weird science into the present and future but because I am all in favor of artificial improvements for the human condition. I already have a gold tooth, fillings (some of them high-end plastic) and wear glasses. An artificial leg, or better yet a vat-grown one, with all the attributes of a real one, is just the logical further development. An artificial eye and nanites in the blood stream is still in the future but one day we will be their (not necessarily us but maybe our children) and they will be faster, stronger and better than we are. I do not believe in Creation, I am all for evolution and when we have the chance to help evolution along, we should grab the opportunity.