Steampunk – Dieselpunk Part II

OK, to pick up where I  left yesterday:

Zeppelins are one of the connecting elements of Steampunk and Dieselpunk and both use weird science coupled with the actual technology of the relevant era. For Steampunk this is roughly the time of Queen Victoria‘s reign plus the years leading up to the Great War. Dieselpunk is the next era as is amply demonstrated in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. More advanced weird science but also still a lot of clockwork and a few steamy elements. The backstory of Hellboy, too, is actually quite steamy and diesely, come to think of it. More Dieselpunk Noir but there’s enough weird stuff going on in the name of science to fit the bill.

I am not really sure if cyberpunk flows neatly from Dieselpunk and as far as I am aware Steampunk has a lot more in common with Cyberpunk than Dieselpunk has. In a sense the background weirdness in Cyberpunk and Steampunk is a lot higher than in Dieselpunk.

But I digress… And these are all just ramblings anyway.

To sum up in a way: Dieselpunk is a lot more normal (whatever that means) and the gear is far less extravagant than Steampunk and Steampunk gear is. So for casual use and influences into your style you can do a lot more with diesel than with steam, but: The  inzersection between both genres is big enough to give you a lot of room to play.