Review of a Steampunk tale: The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

The video/ movie project I want to talk about is this one, take a look, it’s a great piece of work:

Rather obviously, this entry is going to be a review of sorts. The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello is a Steampunk tale, which explores the darker side of the setting. Areas in which I seldom venture, since the adventures and tales I like to tell are on the lighter side. In short: This tale is a masterpiece and here is why: Where to start?

The story: Dark and mysterious, we do not get much background info, other than there’s a war on, the city of Gothia is under siege and there’s a mysterious plague spreading.
Jasper joins Dr. Bellegonne on an expedition to… but just watch the video, I shall not spoil the fun!

Technique and effects: Brilliant! I’m not sure if the characters and monsters were actually done using real papercut animations or whether it was done by a program immitating the technique but this does not matter. The papercut-style combined with the orange-glow-bubble effects representing the plague give the whole animated tale a dark, brooding and somewhat desolated atmosphere which suits the whole mood of the tale very well. The atmosphere is eery, tense and a perpetual sense of impending doom lingers just somewhere off-screen. Excelently done, in deed!

Narration: The tone Jaspe uses in his first person narration/comentary is downcast, bordering on depressed, one more element stressing the dark atmosphere of the video.

Sequel/Prequel? I have many questions regarding the setting, the backstory and the outcome of the tale. There is enough room for at least three more videos (What about the war? How did the plague arrive? What is the final fate of Jasper and his beloved?), aso I hope that in due time we shall see a prequel or sequel.