Preparing for the Expedition – Base camp location chosen

We have finished another step in our preparations for our expedition to the Land of the Rising Sun. Base camp will be established in 名古屋市 (Nagoya) from there, we will travel to (Kyoto) where we shall stay a few days and marvel at the sights of the old capital. Next we will take the Shinkansen to the modern capital  東京 (Tokyo), where we will stay almost a week. A dear fiend has kindled our interest for the 秋葉原 district, which is the main hang-out for おたく and we will most certainly visit one of the コスプレ系飲食店. I might even go there in full gear, though I strongly doubt that I will be able to get my steampunk gear to Japan, but we shall see. I can take my goggles with me, sure enough, but for the rest, I do not know so far. There are rather heavy limitations on this journey when it comes to baggage.

Oh, I long for the glorious days of the Zeppelin, when yo could travel in style and need not mind the weight or size of your gear.

None the less, I am looking foreward to this trip. The longest and farest reaching so far. We still have a few days to fill after our stay in Tokyo and we might go and tackle Fuji-San.