Steampunk DIY – Jewelry

Finally I got my lazy behind up and created something steampunky. I have not touched a soldering iron in years but I still remember how to us one. So, I went to our local arts and crafts store down the street, got myself a few pieces I found quite appealing and combined them with parts from one of my cannibalized broken pocket watches.

The result was this brooche, unfortunately I do not have a better image:

Steampunk Brooche

The above brooche is on its way to the USA as part of the Secret Air Kraken Day Gift Exchange from I hope the Lady recipient likes it as much as my wife does.

I also have a pair of recently finished steampunk cuff-links, but I have to get better images of them, and those cufflinks are my precioussssss…

They will not be sold or given away. I hope I will put images of them up here soon.