Steampunk RPG – Cthulhu style

The headline actually promises more than this article actually is about. Fact is, I have been running a Steampunk themed RPG for the last few weeks and finally everyone is getting the hang of the game, including me. May have something to do with the fact that I am employed again and far more relaxed and creative than I was, say, two weeks ago. As for the Cthulhu aspect of the game:

We are using the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying system, which of course is fully compatible with their famous and much beloved Cthulhu RPG. I have talked about this system elsewhere, you can check out my other site Sarkomand for details.

So far we have everything in this Steampunk campaign which I define as really steamy: Zeppelins, weird science, steam-powered robots, political turmoil, strange occurences in distant parts of the world and we have a real cliché cast of characters:

A noble, a headstrong young woman, an independent older woman (the younger woman’s youngest aunt), a professional boxer and expert gambler and a Zeppelin machinist. It is almost too good to be true, it’s like in a cheesy ’60s Jules Verne movie.

I will also run a Steampunk-themed one-shot adventure at the Cave-Con this Saturday, it shall be fun  and may the Air-Kraken swallow everyone who thinks differently.