Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 3 (Beating Hastur)

After preparing food and actually eating something, too, we had a chat with a few people we had not seen in a while and finally set down to play a very nice game of Arkham Horror. We started I guess around 20:00 and finished sometime around 2 in the morning and what fun we had!

First, the Great Old One we were going to fight: Hastur – Extra Investigation Buttons needed before you can seal a gate…

And it got worse… We had a handfull of Gates and after that: Monster Wave Galore! We were just running around trying to keep the monster level down so the Horror Level would not rise.
Luckily, I actually started the game with an Elder Sign in my hand so I could actually seal one Gate straight away to prevent further inconveniance.
Also: We had a number of rather well armed investigators after two or three rounds who were lucky when it came to equipent so we were able to dispatch of the monsters. We took some casualties, though.

But then we were running out of time, we could not get the Gates sealed, they were opening to rapidly and it only needed one more open Gate for Hastur to awaken…

… and that was the moment when Lady Luck smiled down on us and we were able to turn the tide. For the next few rounds Gates would only open in locations were we had already sealed a Gate with an Elder Sign or other methods so it was impossible for new gates to open. We used that time to mob up the monsters and seal a few more gates. I also acquired a membership in the Order of the Silver Twilight, which in itself did not alter the course of the game but I just wanted to mention it.

Fun fact: The Gangster, our most well armed investigator was actually made Deputy, which proves how corrupt Arkham is at heart.

In the end, after almost seven hours of cthuloid fun we were able to defeat Hastur and save Arkham. The Elder Gods had blessed us!