Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 4a (Dungeon Crawl)

After a short night and a long-ish breakfast at Olaf and Motte’s place it was time to go back to the Cavecon at around 11:00 AM. I had planned to run a steampunk game based on the new Chaosium Basic Roleplaying but than I felt more like playing myself so I joined the D&D 4th Edition game run by my good friend Markus. We started at about 14:00 and played until about 3:00 the next morning. Bloody hellfire (literally!).

It all started peacefully enough in a small town in The Realms (they have changed quite a bit from the 3rd to the 4th edition, I have to say) but then, all hell broke loose.

First, we had a brawl with a Dæmon and about a dozen burning zombies on the market place, than my character (an Avenger, something I have never encountered in D&D before) investigated the sewer exit the Dæmon had come from and by doing so pokewd right into a wasps’ nest. Only that the nest did not contain wasps but Dæmons (some of them were actually flying and looked like mishappen, humanoid flies).
What followed was a rather long fight with a number of demonic creatures of various shapes and sizes with a climatic encounter with a demonic hydra at the end, which nearly finished the group all by itself.

In the end, as I said, the game, which consisted mostly of battles just like in the days of the D&D (not AD&D) boxed sets of the late ’80s, lasted until 3 AM.
We had a lot of fun, there was plenty of laughter and stupid jokes and several liters of coffee. I think I must have had eight to ten mugs myself and felt really alert when I finally got home around 4 AM.
I like the 4th edition, but there are certain things I miss and the gameplay has changed significantly. I will write a personal assessment and critique of the game in my next entry in this blog.