Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 4b

Some thoughts on D&D 4th Edition

As I have said, D&D 4th Edition reminded me a lot of the classic dungeon crawls of the D&D boxed sets of the ’80s. You know, the one with the black-and-gold master boxed set, when you could get to level 36 with.

What I miss in the 4th Ed. is the range of skills. The character sheets feature only a small number of skills like dungeoneering and acrobatics which are helpful to adventurers but you do not get any “normal life” skills. Also, I had a number of spells which had a definite range given in grid squares, qhich implies the use ofminiatures and a grid is required for the game.

Further, all the spells and spell-like abilities my character had, an 11th level Avenger, were combat related. Maybe it was because I had a very combat oriented character or maybe all characters work like this now in 4th Ed, I cannot say. The game was fun but it was too much geared towards combat. It was good for an action packed night but I miss a lot of the stuff from the 2nd and 3rd Eds. which gave your character more depth. It felt like Hero Quest with more detail for the players.

Ah well, I still have Chaosium.