Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Techno-Fetishism

Admitedly, I have a thing for technology. You could almost call it a fetish. Only almost. I do not use technology as any kind of paraphrenalia while engaging in the procreation of Pan narans.

Technology is simply something good. Oh yes, I can almost hear the howling of back-to-nature veggienazis and the like but technology is not only dirty factories. Technology is also microscopes and minimally invasive surgery and sattelites and the list goes on. To be honest, for me the whole thing goes a little further, I like technology for its own sake.

That’s why I have a collection of pocket watches (clockwork technology, a milestone in its own right and an integral part of gentlemanly equipment in the Steampunk era), two laptops (plus one at work which I could take home with me if I wanted), two shiny iPods (one Touch, one Nano), this is part of the cyberpunk aspect and a collection of various gadgets ranging from a pocket sun dial to various Swiss army knives and comparable tools to a watch with an integrated compass.

I know, I could do with one computer, one pocket watch and one Swiss army knife but this is beside the point. I am aware that this is propably just remnants of hunter-gatherer instincts and primate rank display substitutes fiering down my spinal cord, but by Jove, I don’t care.

(I get the feeling this might develop into a rant)

Today I had another of those encounters with something I did not miss in my life until I knew it existed and it is also (just) a gadget. Something which could be substituted by something less expensive but it would not be that cool.
I attended a meeting with a potential client today and he had a very stylish messenger bag which featured among other things a solar panel which powers a lithium battery which you can use to recharge an iPod and other equipment. All I can say is:


Seriously, that was quite a stylish accessory and from the color scheme and technology level it goes well with cyberpunk and steampunk outfits. Oh happy day!