Steampunk Arts and Crafts

As promised earlier, here are two images of my first take on steampunk cufflinks:



More of the same:

Steampunk-Cufflinks Image 2

 Another image of the brooch (in colour):

Steampunk Brooche colour

 And of course, the steampunk wristlets I got from Lavenderfae for Airkraken Day:

The wristlets I got from lavenderfae

I think it is one of the great features of the Steampunk subculture that people are making an effort to be creative in one way or the other.

OK, other subcultures do things involving spoken word, poems, poetry-slams, stuff like that. But here you get people creating things from jewelry (Goths do that to), to paintings (goths do that to) to building actually working steam-powered machines.

I think that’s just marvelous!

I should do a thing about steampunk machinery in the real world sometime…