The Tale of an Easter Expedition – Part 1

First things first:

This expedition was made possible by a grant of the Peabody Foundation and the Department of Anthropology of Miskatonic University, Arkham Mass.:

Miskatonic University

So, this is once again an opportunity to engage and revel in some undiluted patriotism. The first part of our little expedition took us to the Befreiungshalle in Kehlheim, arriving by Zeppelin, as is our custom on these occasions.

This monument was ordered by König Ludwig I of Bavaria and build under the supervision of Friedrich von Gärtner between 1842 and 1863. It is a monument to the peoples and tribes of Germany and their struggle against the Napolean yoke *cough*

As I said… undiluted patriotism.

Some images from the outside:

Leonidas in Bavaria

 This column is rather odd. It may actually hint at strange connections in time and space. Well worthy of an alumni of Miskatonic University. Did Spartans and maybe the great Leonidas fight at the Battle of Leipzig? Did they help win the day? I shall not know until I have once again checked the appropriate records in the Great Library of Pnakotus.

And here’s a shot of the whole Siegeshalle:

Siegeshalle Kehlheim

 The inside is dedicated to the battles that were fought between Leipzig and Paris, the nations and tribes of Germany participating and the Field Marshalls, generals and heroes of this struggle.

Some images taken on the inside:

Battle of Waterloo Shield


Well, it is late and these images conclude todays entry, but there are more images to come. A boat trip and a visit to a monastrywith a really good brewery.