The Tale of an Easter Expedition – Part 2

I actually did not complete the series of images taken on the inside of the Siegeshalle so I shall just post them now.

This is the inscription in the very center of the floor of the Siegeshalle:

Siegeshalle Bodeninschrift

This is something you are not likely to find in a monument errected in Germany nowadays. After 1945 we have developed a certain allergy to patriotism and can not tell it apart from jingoism, nationalism, and voluntary bald-headedness anymore. I find this state deplorable. There are so many things we can be proud of and we really should relax towards this issue. But I digress.

The following image shows the lower edge of the copula and some Greek collumns. I appologize for the poor quality, as the names of the towns (top) where more battles took place and the names of the generals, nobles and heroes are hard to make out.

Copula of the Siegeshalle, Battles and Heroes

 As you can also see by the light comming in through the door (bottom right corner) it was a nice and sunny day outside. The marble of the Siegeshalle was still chilly from the long winter, though.

The cockpit of our Zeppelin, being as it is within a steel-aluminium hull, had heated up quite a bit by the time we came back to it to fly on to the banks of the Danube.

Oh,  and before I forget:

Here’s an image taken by our traditional steampowered camera. You can see the tail of the LZ-X1 Württemberg in the top left corner, caught circling over the Siegeshalle:

Column and Zeppelin