Hybrid Dieselpunk/Cyberpunk Wear for Gentlemen

It is a rare thing to discover an item which you can use for both Dieselpunk (and even Steampunk) and business style Cyberpunk-wear as well. But I have just found such an item. There is a nice little online-shop in Munich which stocks “Zeitgemäße Männerschuhe” of various superb manufacturers, some basically only known to insiders.

And it was in this online-shop where I discovered this little jewel, the Friis Baron:

Soleman.de - Friis Baron

What I like about this shoe:

a) It has classic style. It has timeless beauty. I can wear it with a suit.

b) It is also very sleek and modern. It fits neatly into a more casual outfit.

Thus I can wear it to occasions spanning the whole range of punk-settings. And best of all: they are very light and comfy!

A little jewel in deed.