Being an old geezer / gothier than thou

This entry concerns the other kind o travel: The almost astral travels on the ætherweb. I recently had an encounter which showed several things to me:

  1. I am no longer what one might call “a youth”.
  2. There are people out there who cannot imagine that I’ve been in and around the goth scene (at least as far as music is concerned) for almost 20 years, or that anyone could be “old” and still a goth (makes me wonder what Siouxsie, Andrew Eldritch and others are thinking)
  3. That same person or persons are under the impression that subcultures are for teenagers only.

Oh dear! I guess it will always be like this and it is a problem which seems to be rampant in the goth scene and its various sub-subcultures, including steampunk. There will always be people who are gothier than thou, steampunkier than thou and who are devinely appointed to decide what (and who) is goth and what (and who) is not and cannot be.

The thing that gets me is: I have had my monocle before they went to kindergarden. I guess I’m getting old…

OK, let’s finish this entry with another Zeppelin image:

Zeppelin Great War