On Science, Superstition and Related Matters

This entry is bordering slightly on transhumanism but only slightly. Slightly because transhumanism can only ever be made reality if there is a base of educated people large enough to support its ideals. It has to be turned into a popular movement. In order to achieve this state of affairs, we need to bring science closer to the people. Recently science education has been subverted by religion in the USA, thanks, once again to the moronic ex-president G.W. Bush who led an evangelist crusade against science in certain areas. Western society is also struggling with returning superstituons, pseudo-science, Magick and similar esoteric nonsense. So I am really grateful for people like Neil deGrasse Tyson who does so much for science education.

Please, just enjoy these videos:

and another one:

And to bring steampunk back into the issue:
I guess I said it before:Science in steampunk is weird and wonderful, it’s more about what it does (often in bright colours and with loud noises) than how it works. Perhaps we should teach science in school with a more hands-on approach, the steampunk approach. Tell the kids what they can do with the knowledge they are about to acquire. Show them possible results and future goals and than let them learn the theory behind it. They will be far more motivated to do so, I am certain of it.