Steampunk your iPod

There have been steampunk-mods for iPods floating around the ætherweb for a while now. I do not have the skill (yet, I hope) nor the time (that is unlikely to change) to tinker on a flashy case, mod or whatever thingy which could turn my iPod into something truly steampunk.


I have discovered a nice little application called ClassicClockB, and if you run the application on your iPod Touch or iPhone it looks something like this:

Steampunk clock for the iPod

Which is brassy and geary and widgety enough for me. Plus: It’s either free or available for 0.79 €, I cannot recall which one. it also features a classic alarm, which is a bonus. So, even for those of us who do not have time, skill or both to steampunk our iPods, this is a reasonable alternative.