Evolution is fun (and funny)

I like Bill Maher… This particular edition of “New Rules” I put up because of the very last bit.

The thing is (and here I am talking about transhumanism again):
As long as there are people who favour Faith over Fact, Pan narans will be stuck on this little planet and in his vulnerable shell, plagued by viruses and bacteria. However: If we advance science and more specifically: Artificially enhance and accelarate human (and other animal) evolution, we can get to the point when there will be no disease, no aging and (after a lot of birth pains and difficult labor, I fear) a near-utopian society. But as long as there are people who think that sky-daddy will make it right if they get on their knees hard enough and will also punish all those who don’t get on their knees, we are basically stuck. We are stuck within our vulnerable bodies, we will be stuck on this planet and we will be stuck with a society with a tendency to self-destruct.