Adventures in cuisine and spacetime

Yesterday the usual crew went on extended outing in two stages:

  1. As a surrogate trip to Japan we went to a highly recommended Japanese restaurant(not the one I frequnt every week, which is the Kushiage Enn) that’s the cuisine part of the adventure
  2. The new Star Trek movie which was released in Germany last Thursday, we went to watch that one afterwards.

As a Steampunk and a gentleman I enjoy a good meal in the company of my wife and friends and we were all looking foreward to the dinner. It started out really well. The entrée, I had Goma Ae, Japanese spinach with sesame sauce, was absolutely delicous and really enjoyable. After that, the trouble started:

The staff was really slow to deliver the main courses, the second drink I received was not the one I ordered and when the main course finally did arrive (15 minutes before we had to leave for the cinema and after having waited for almost an hour) they got things mixed up and my wife got something she hadn’t ordered and which was not vegetarian. The Ebi I had (my favourite Japanese dish) were also not quite up to the standrds my good friend Matsubara-san provides.

However: We made the acquaintance of some very nice young Japanese people who were sitting at the table next to us. They were quite surprised, when I told the girl “Daijobu desu” when her Chihuahua, Nini, crawled onto my wife’s velvet jacket.  Apparently they did not expect us to be able to speak Japanese, well. I can’t really. I just know enough to find my way around. Nevertheless, we got into a little conversation, partly in German and partly in Japanese and now are friends with Nini. I shall put up a dew photos of Nini later.

So, this dinner wasn’t all that great an experience which was more than made up for by the Star Trek movie:

Without wanting to spoil it anything, I have to say this:

The movie is so much fun and has action, humor, unexpected romance, some nice twists and some plot holes and a convoluted time line, but that’s OK since the plot revolves around a spacetime anomaly anyway. I would have prfered a slightly different ending but as my friend Timo suggested: “Now they can again go on and make a dozen more films.”

And this would be a great prospect with this new crew on board the Enterprise!