Some thoughts about gear

I’ve been wondering about the whole Steampunk-Dieselpunk-Cyberpunk connection again… Where does which subculture end and where does the other begin? It is kind of an irrelevant question, really. Dieselpunk and Steampunk have a lot in common anyway and a lot of it happens in and on the ætherweb, so there is a deffinite connection to cyberpunk there. But this is actually just a random musing, because this entry is about something else:

How normal is normal for one our kind? In this specific case I am talking (or writing, as the case may be) once again about clothing. In todays environment, there are so many deviations from the fashion mainstream that even as a Steampunk or Dieselpunk you have to dress up in full gear in order to attract attention (which reminds me, I plan to wear my breaches and riding boots tmorrow…) but this is often not entirely practical, especially if you have a day job.

A good suit – High quality Steampunk-Dieselpunk gear for the office

My prefered solution to the problem is simple: Dress up! And in this context I mean: Simply be well dressed. In a world which is often dominated by overly casual dresscodes, you can make a stand and a point by wearing a suit, if you choose a classic style and not a more recent, fashionable one, you stand out and noone can call you a freak and you will not endadnger your day job (provided you don’t have a very fixed dress code at work), which in these times would be a really bad idea.

So, just dress smartly, wear a suit, black or tan colours. Being well dressed is no longer very normal and a good way of standing out and setting an example to the masses (oh I am so elitist).

Besides: Suits are steamy and diesely, as far as I am concerned, especially if you combine them with the right shirt.