A beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day for a Steampunk and amateur Scientist

And it is such a day in at least three ways and you neer know what else this day holds in store, but three fortunate things have already come to pass:

1. Steampunk and Cthulhu

While browsing Brassgoggles again, as I do almost every day, I stumbled across the private aetherdomain of a fellow Steampunk who shares the love of Lovecraft and his work and is far more capable than I am to visualize this love in art.
Visit the Miskatonic Archive. Do it! Do not delay!

2. Another missing link has been found

Take that creationists! Darwinius Masillae. A transitional fossil and yet another piece in the line of human evolution.
Google actually celebrates this groundbreaking discovery with the following image (all rights reserved by Google, no challenge to copyright intended, I just thought this image is so great, I had to put it up here):

Darwinius Masillae on Google

3. It is a fine and sunny day

And finally, it is simply a really nice, sun-shiny and warm day. Great!