The arch-enemy of the German Steampunk

The arch-enemy of the German Steampunk is , apart from the aggressive conformist, is the German customs official.

I recently ordered these boots in the USA (because they are a lot cheaper in the States):

Corcoran Steampunk Boots

 It took them just one week to cross theAtlantic and arrive in Munich (sadly, they did not travel by Zeppelin, that would have been too fantastic, by Jove!).

And now they are sitting in the customs office there and I have not even officially been informed. However: The US Postal service sent an email, informing me about their attempted delivery. Since I was at home at the time the delivery supposedly took place, I placed a few phonecalls and found out that it was “attempted” because it could not be finished. And it could not be finished, because German customs intervended. Like every good German administrative authority, they are slow to inform the average citizen and so it may take another before I will be officially be informed that I can pick the boots up in Garching-Hochbrück (that’s where the office is).

But since I know now, I can phone them tomorrow, ask and simply go there and get my boots.

I shall face my arch-enemy without flinching!

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