Steampunk UFOs roaming the Bermuda Triangle

In my early to mid-teens I was interested, fascinated and a firm believer in UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and related stuff. Scientific education, more in-depth knowledge of the workings of the universe and related matters dispelled my believe (and failed predictions of aliens revealing themselves to us). I still continue to follow news and events concerning these matters on an irregular basis. A fairly random search concerning UFOs led me to, where I found these marvelous steampunky images:

Encounter with a Steampunk UFO

Steampunk Alien Art


Steampunk things abducting ships in the Bermuda Triangle

Steampunk UFO over the Bermuda Triangle

All rights belong to the respective artists, this is basically free advertisement.
Now I shall see if I can find a steampunk Sasquatch somewhere on the ætherweb.