Finally, Woden heard my plea…

You could also say that finally the gears and cogs (all not particularily well oiled) of the world wide financial sytem got going.
In this case: Germany and Iceland at last found some kind of deal, which meant that


finally startded transfering money back from its frozen accounts to the German customers. This morning I saw that the money I had invested had returned.

So, what to do with it now:

  1.  Most of it will be reinvested, I have thought about putting some into the Tagesgeld Konto offered by the Berliner Sparkasse, but this is just a thought.
  2. I think I will get myself a nice, new shiny MacBook

And one final thing to keep it norse and steampunk:

Here’s a most marvelous image done by Adam Bray. Please visit his website.

Steampunk Thor


(click for larger image)

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