Gatehouse Gazette Issue 7

Ah, another fine edition of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette. This issue’s topic is one which is very dear to me: Metropolis 

Metropolis, a masterpiece by Fritz Lang and the embodyment of every claustrophobic’s nightmare.By now, Metropolis the movie has cult status and rightly so.

The term Metropolis has become both a word used by the proponents of progress to talk about the world wide city, as well as a near-curse for people who seek respite from the constant buzz of citylife.    In the words of our editor-in-chief, Mr. Ottens, this issue’s content is: 

In response to the discovery of lost Metropolis footage, issue #7 is dedicated to this 1927 classic of silent film and the metropolis in general.Of course there is a review of the original Metropolis, by Mr Marcius Rauchfuß, as well as an article about the 2001 anime of the same name, by Mr Sigurjón Njálsson. For the latest about what is going on in that other fine city, the Old Smoke called Londontown, we introduce Brigadier Sir Arthur Weirdy-Beardy of The Steampunk Club, while Mr David Townsend is off to farther realms once again, traveling by the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney, Australia.We are also extremely glad to present an exclusive preview of Mr Toby Frost’s upcoming Space Captain Smith novel, Wrath of the Lemming Men!And it almost goes without saying that this issue features all the columns and features that you might have come to expect from us: Ms Hilde Heyvaert writes her “Steampunk Wardrobe” about ethnic steampunk; Mr Craig B. Daniel dedicates his “Liquor Cabinet” to a story about beer, and Mr Guy Dampier is back with a Quatermass review. More reviews come from Hilde (Unhallowed Necropolis), Mr Trubetskoy (The Court of the Air and Outcry) and Toby Frost (Gormenghast).   

So, without further ado, take off your gloves, get the grease out of your face (or take off your jacket and unbutton the collar of your shirt), click the image below and enjoy!

The Gatehouse Gazette 7