The not so fine art of propaganda and colonialism

A friend of mine recently pointed an article on the Spiegel website out to me which concerned some rather sad and weird legal concerns hailing from the colonial era.
The whole article is just one click away. A very strange story in deed.
It is so sad when you look back now: We Germans did some vile things in Africa, so did the British, French, Belgians, Italians, Arabs… And the Americans did it to the Amerindians and the list goes on… It almost seems like that colonialism brings out the worst in a people… Anyway: The article had some rather interesting images accompanying it, they are pure propaganda, but still, for a steampunk with a uniform fetish and a leaning towards militarism, some are quite interesting:


German Schutztruppe beating off an attack

 and than there’s this splendid carricature, which sums it up quite nicely:

Colonial carricature

 (the captions translates somewhat like this (the native speaks): May I introduce the old idols to the new idols)

And there were also (of course) propaganda images done by the British (and “Zulu” is one big propaganda movie, anyway):

British Propaganda

 As a steampunk at least, you can sort of wonder what the world would have been like if we actually had acted in a civilized way in or colonies and not made a mess of it that left Africa in particular but other parts of the world as well (South America, parts of Australasia) in a sorry state and some issues will take a long time to resolve which are rooted in this period.