Steampunk cum laude – Expedition to the Zeppelin Museum

Finally another steampunk expedition that is really worth mentioning here in my blog. I would not want to bore you with my more or less common travels which I undertake every now and then. This expedition has quite a large number of documentary photographs so I will most definitely split the tale into a number of entries here in my blog.

As you very likely have noticed by now (if you follow this blog on a regular basis), I have a thing for Zeppelins, I have expounded on my reasons why I very nearly have a Zeppelin fetish on numerous occasions in this blog, so   not repeat myself here now.

But you can imagine how delighted I was when we decided to take a Sunday trip to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen a few weeks go. This particular expedition already took place on the 19th of July 2009 but being a rather busy steampunk and also rather busy in the real world, I did not come round to write any sort of lengthy article or traveller’s tale until today.

So let me relate this tale in boring, minute detail (the times given below are actually correct, since I used the notepad on my iPod Touch to take notes during the trip).

So here we go:

Sunday, July 19th 2009 – Expedition to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, ETA: 11:30

08:40 Put on my goggles

08:49 Buckled up, car starts (Timo is driving)

09:02 We hit the Autobahn

10:06 Breakfast at the Golden Arches

10:42 Break in the Autobahn (road Construction)

10:46 Alps come into view

10:49 The Autobahn continues

11:09 We are now right in the center of extremely scenic sourroundings, or, as we Germans say “Gegend”, on the E54

11:16 Arrived in Friedrichshafen, 14 minutes ahead of ETA

11:31 Now on foot, we stroll along the banks of the Bodensee and notice the natives being outnumbered by heavily equipped tourists (large caliber cameras, sandals, shorts, you get the idea…)

11:32 We enter the museum

And now for the first set of fotos:

Entry Hall 1 (the names are oviously cities visited by a Zeppelin during the Golden Age of Zeppelin Travel, the time every steampunk and dieselpunk out there would have enjoyed being part of):


Entry Hall 2:


And here is a bust of the father of the Zeppelin: Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin and another image of his very own goggles:

 Graf von Zeppelin Bust

And the goggles, his very own goggles, now this is what I call a steampunk relic:

Graf von Zeppelin's Goggles

This image concludes the first entry concerning the expedition to the holy steampunk site, the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.

There are plenty of images still waiting to be uploaded.