Zeppelin Museum II – The technical bit

So this part of my report on our expedition to the Zeppelin Museum is a bit more technical, or, to be more exact, a bit more on the engine side. Up on the first floor of the museum in the main exibition area are quite a number of different engines (some original, some replicas, I guess) which powerd the propellers of the various Zeppelin and airship models, so, here are some photos I took:

Zeppelin Engine


This is the actual “nose-hook” of the Hindenburg:


Zeppelin Nose Hook

And here’s another (burned out) engine and a propeller:


Burnt-out engine



Zeppelin Proppelor


And another Zeppelin Engine (I guess this one was actually from a French or Italian airship but don’t quote me on it) :


Zeppelin Engine

Yawn! OK, so much for todays’ entry, there is still more to come but I am really sleepy now.