Zeppelin Museum Part III – Travelling in Style

Now this bit concerns the Golden Age of Zeppelin Travel, the times of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg, when they cruised majestically among the clouds.

The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen has a life-size replica of some parts of the Hindenburg, some passenger bedrooms and the lounge, which are accessible to visitors.

The bedrooms are rather small, as can be seen in the following photographs and the lounge looks very modernistic with its plastic and aluminium furniture, but that’s what it was all about, Zeppelins were cutting edge technology. So, here are the photoraphs:

The lower hull with passenger access (that’s also where the visitors enter now):

Lower Hull Passenger Access

Various images of the lounge:

Zeppelin Hindenburg Lounge

A more detailed image of the map with the Zeppelin routes:

Travel Routes


Single bedroom:

Single Bedroom


Double bedroom:

Double Bedroom

This concludes the third installment of our very steampunk trip to the Zeppelin Museum, next time, I shall concern myself with the military aspects of Zeppelin use.