The Zeppelin Museum V – Mission to Africa

As I have announced before, here are some images concerning the long voyage of L 104 in 1917. It was a planned relief mission to the outnumbered (but very successful) troops of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck in  Deutsch-Ostafrika. The mission was cancelled befor completion, though because it was judged that the relief mission would not be able to turn the situation in Africa in Germany’s favor.

Still, the journey of 6757 km from Bulgaria to Africa and back (done in 95 hours and 5 minutes) was quite a feat.

Here is an image of the route and the crew (what an adventure this surely was…):

Route to Africa

This is the penultimate entry concerning the Zeppelin Museum, there are some other images I’d like to share, including a Cthulhu-esque Zeppelin skelleton (does not sound as if it would make sense? Don’t worry, it won’t).