Zeppelin Museum Finale

So here is the final and rather delayed part of the Expedition to the very steampunk Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.

First, a very stylish and beautiful Maybach Zeppelin:


Maibach Zeppelin

A classy car. Fit for every steampunk or dieselpunk movie. Also: Notice the modern license plate. This car is actually still in perfect operating conditions.

Next, some almost cthulhuoid weirdness, a Zeppelin skeleton which seems to be formed from tentacles… Modern art weirdness, that’s all I have to say…


Cthulhu Zeppelin


Yes, the Zeppelin Museum actually has an arts section. The sculptures and paintings range from the Middle Agesto what could be called Modernism but what I call vision-pollution instead. The above image is a moderate example of that.

This concludes the series about the Zeppelin Museum, at least for now. But than, you never know…

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