Being recognizably steampunk

Yesterday I went to a pub moot of the Munich section of my favorite party:


I am member 6366 of the Piratenpartei, and when I saw my number, I thought “Damn, 300 too early.”
The pub moot was great, something I was afraid it would not be. I had previously been involved with University politics and found that the FSK and ASTA there were behaving like the People’s Front of Judea.

This pub moot was nothing of this sort. Everyone really was interested, there was an atmosphere of wanting to do things and getting it done. No unnecessary discussions at all. I shall go there next week again.

And now for the fun bit: After the official part was over, we all had plenty of time to socialize and I ended up standing in front of the room the pub moot was held discussing various things with Johannes, another chap who’s name I do not recall (I am terrible with names) and Steffi (Stephie?) and Christian, who are engaged (this detail has nothing to do with the story, I just thought I mention it).

So we were happily chatting away and I was checking my pocket watch every now and then and then Steffi asked me:

Bist Du ein Steampunk? (Are you a Steampunk?)

I was quite surprised for three reasons:

1. I did not expect that anyone would ever ask me that question.
2. I did not think that Steampunk had penetrated far into non-geek German culture, but than, a very high percentage of Piratenpartei members are geeks to at least some degree.
3. I was not dressed that steampunk at all.

Steffi told me after I answered in the affirmative that there were little clues:The vintage glasses, the suspenders and the fact I was carrying a pocket watch. She also told me that she found the aesthetics of Steampunk rather beautiful.

So it seems like the steampunk lifestyle has influenced my regular life far enough for me to be recognizable, even if I do not make an effort to dress up.

Very interesting in deed. Probably some form of evolution.

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