Post-Halloween Horror


OK, “Well” is definitely the wrong word to start this entry but it is a nice filler after all. Yesterday I went to see Die Päpstin a.k.a. Pope Joan.

In one word: Disgustingly bad. This movie actually replaced Resident Evil II on my list of Worst Film I Ever Payed To See. Even the occasional battle scenes and the marriage-stopping Viking raid does nothing to improve this audio-visual abomination.

The movie is a string of folklore-knowledge about the Middle Ages, seasoned with unconvincing characters (the acting is OK but the characters portrayed all hail from the distant end of the propability curve), mixed with bad clichés and a Pope Joan with truely miraculous powers to top it all: Joan is a gifted healer and manages to spot pregnancy by taste. Yes, she is able to taste hormone levels. Propably the first and only human since the dawn of our species to be able to do so. This actually qualifies her as a mutant worthy of joining the X-Men.

And never mind the democratic process regarding who gets to elect the Pope, the dresses shown and the people encountered in Rome. Who ever produced this movie (I refuse to look up who it was) deserves the price for inept producer of 2009.

Thank you very much! I just wasted 9 € on a movie which made my brain hurt.