Riese the Series – First impressions

I took little time and had a detailed look at the Riese the Series Channel on Youtube (see last entry). I also had a look at the websites of Riese the Series and The Sect.

The Good:

Costumes, setting, everything about the videos conveys a very convincing post-apocalyptic steampunk feel. I am especially fond of Herrick. My speculation is, he might be something like a clockwork cyborg or a clockwork terminator. Of course I can be completely wrong here but it is nice to speculate.

The first episode raises a lot of interesting questions which are only fueled by the trailers and the hints dropped by the interviews of the cast and crew… I am positively itching for the next episode to appear on Youtube.

Questions include:

– What secret/information does Riese posess that makes her so hunted/valueable?

– What is the motivation of The Sect, who or what is the true power at its core and why is its influence so corrupting?

– Who or what is Herrick?

– Why is this world so primitive, almost medieval in some respects and so advanced in others?

These are just a few questions which are on my mind right now. I am really looking foreward to the next episode.

The Bad:

Apparently there will not be a single Zeppelin in the whole series… The airship drawing shown in one of the interviews is an actual ship with hot air ballons attached to it for lift. So no, thus far there is no sign of a Zeppelin.

But: This world is big and you do not know what hides behind the horizon.

The Ugly:

The Sect, oh my, what a thing it is. Thus far I think it is the Universal Brotherhood (of Shadowrun fame) gone Steampunk. My prefered speculation is, however, that it is a cult surrounding a steampunked horror of Lovecraftian proportions.

What also really strikes me is that the website of the Series does not have a steampunk feel to it but is rather comic book like in design. Perhaps this break from the aestheics of Steampunk, which are evident on the homepage of Riese the Series are a hint at an alien influence behind the sect… Yet more speculation.

We shall see. I definitely will.

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