Double Feature – Extra Steampunk in deed!

What a joyful day… I can actually bring on two items worthy of note today and I shall present them in order of discovery:

1. Steampunk Holiday – 100 years ago today Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft was founded

Ah, the glorious days of available and affordable Zeppelin travel had their official beginning with the founding of this company.

LZ 7 Deutschland

It was the DLAG which brought the majestic steampunk and dieselpunk icon, the Zeppelin, to prominence and it was also the DLAG which built the magnificent Hindenburg.
Unfortunately, the time of the DLAG is passed, and no huge majestic Zeppelins are around anymore. In recent years, however, the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei is once again operating Zeppelins.
Unfortunately, they are rather small and are only used for local tourism, no longer for long-range travel. But who knows, with rising fuel prices, the Zeppelin might once again take to the sky again, in its original size… We can still dream.

And now for the second part:

2. Riese the Series – Episode II

After two terribly long weeks of waiting the Second Episode of Riese the Series was released today. My word. A tense, claustrophobic and rather haunted first half in a hospital, with certain signs that things are not all that right and strange things are afoot, followed by a brief visit to the queen and one cliffhanger end that does not bode well at all.

In two words: Watch it!

Also: We get a glimpse of two proper dirigibles in this episode, moored in the distance:

Riese the Series - Airships

One point of contention, though: According to the map shown, the capital, or at least seat of Queen Amara is called Asgard, that’s a bit unimaginative… But who knows, there may be a steampunk Thor waiting somewhere.

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