Some speculations regarding Riese the Series

As I have mentioned in my last entry in this blog, the capital city of Eleysia is called Asgard, OK, so now I am going to piece a few things together and speculate wildely and propably to the immense amusement of the Riese the Series crew.

Two things I have to say as a sort of background info: As a regular follower of this blog may have gathered already, despite the fact that I am blogging in English, I am German (to be honest: I feel East Midlandish, Nottingham is the city I regard as my hometown) and I am also quite knowledgeable when it comes to Norse mythology.

So, what evidence do we have?

First, the capital city of Asgard:

Riese the Series - Asgard

Asgard is, of course, the Hall of Odin/Woden (I am of South Germanic descent, I say Woden) and the place where the bravest warriors go after death (preferably death in battle, but there are other opinions around these days).

Next, our main protagonist, Riese:

Riese and Fenrir

“Riese”, although pronounced “rees” in the series, is the German word for giant and the giants are the (evil) adversaries of Woden and the other Aesir.

The wolf at Riese’s side is called Fenrir. Fenrir is the Wolf of Ragnarok who is destined to one day swallow the sun.

So right now we have a situation, where the supposed bad guys dwell in a place which bears the name of the place where the higest gods of Norse mythology live and where heroes go after death (granted, the queen has ursurped this place and is not the rightful resident) and at the same time, the two who are hunted by the henchmen of the evil queen bear the names of adversaries and evil incarnate from the very same mythology.

To deepen the mystery, on the web, a person named Seigfried (very likely a play on Siegfried, the Dragonslayer) has appeared who appears to be in posession of inside knowledge regarding The Sect. However, this person is very enigmatic, little is known about him. Actually, we know less about him than we know about Riese. We do not even know his face.

So, we have two main protagonists carrying the names of antagonists of the mythos they derive their names from and an enigmatic third person, Seigfried, who carries a bastardized name of a popular hero of the same myth.

The place where the gods dwell, Asgard, is taken over by evil and there is a lot going on which we do not know yet. Are the names any hint at all as to who the true evil is? Is this all hint towards  connections to our reality? So many questions, so many speculations.

And another hint: Take a look at the names of the ranking-system in the official forums and cross-reference the titles assigned to certain numbers of the post-count within the forum to the Edda, you will be amazed.

Everything is somehow connected to Norse or general Germanic mythology, but some names do not fit.

We can only speculate… Maybe the names were chosen simply becaue they sound nice and seemed to suit the characters, maybe there is a deeper mystery and maybe it is all a wild goose chase.

One thing is clear: I will only get answers if I continue to watch… and it is still so long until the next episode is released.