More fun with Riese

Riese the Series, Episode III – Bind

Things get creepy
This is the most intense of the three episodes so far. There are some seriously evil and abominable things going on which I do not dare hint at, see for yourselves:

And one other question comes up from the dark recesses of my mind: Is Riese a royal princess?

Q&A Session with Christine Chatelain

Ms Christine Chatelain a.k.a. Riese was kind enough recently to answer a few fan questions on the Riese the Series Blog. You can find the whole Q&A session ath this link. Below is just the excerpt containig the questions I asked and the answers Ms Chatelain offered:

Did you have any previous contact with Steampunk material/music/ the subculture before, and if so: where?
CC: Many of my favorite movies have been steampunk/fantasy inspired, but the subculture as a whole is new to me and I am having fun exploring the genre.

How did you hear about Riese the Series or where you approached directly by someone from the staff?
CC: The creators actually contacted my agent to specifically request I read for Riese. And I got it!

Is Fenrir a big cuddler in real life?
CC: Fenrir IS a big cuddler in real life! He loves giving a LOT of kisses, and I learned quickly not to play with him right before a scene because he kept licking off all my make up.

Just what I thought…The big bad wolf is actually a fluffy furball!