Riese the Series – Claustrophobia meets… you’ll see

The next episode of Riese was just released. The first scene is quite funny, in a way. Riese manages to avoid a guard, taking advantage of him taking an (obviously relieving) leak again a nearby wall. It is all downhill from here, as far as fun is concerned.

Leaving out the spoilers, I can say this: This is the most haunting, claustrophobic episode so far and one of the most nerve-grinding pieces of entertainment I have watched recently. It is not simply because of the action that is taking place, it is also because of the implications regarding the goods stored in the warehouse.
The almost physically present feeling of a world teetering on the edge of the Abyss reiceives yet another facette.

Please enjoy:

On a lighter note: The big fluff Tundra, pardon me, the fierce, scary Fenrir returns after two episodes of absence.