Steampunk in winter

Current situation: -8°C outside and I need to go out.

So, what choice of apparel do I have that is both warm and steampunk?

Let’s start with the outermost shell:

A classic trenchcoat is a rather obvious choice, but any other greatcoat, leathercoat etc. works just as well, provided the colours are not too eye-cancer inducing (I would like to provide you with a picture at this point but I also rather not have some retailer clamping me down for some stupid copyright violation).

Next, I will be wearing a brown-ish pullover, which my wonderful wife has knitted for me an which was actually designed to be compatible with the steampunk look (I am so blessed…).

Underneath that comes a navy blue shirt and trousers to match(I’m going for the Prussian Steampunk look again)

For footwear I choose one of my many military boots. So far (with the possible exception of the trenchcoat), the ensemble does not look really steampunk, but there is one accessory which tilts the whole look towards the military steampunk look:

Spats, or, to use the German term of the accessory I chose: Wickelgamsche.

A Wickelgamasche looks like this when in use (no copyright infringemen intended):

German Gebirgsjäger World War 1

I should mention that the soldier in this picture is Jakob Neeb who was one of the many victims of the hell that was Verdun. He is presumed killed in action 23.06.1916.

Wickelgamaschen are quite easy to get since the Swiss army has a large stockpile they obviously no longer need. They are sold by army surplus shops everywhere.

So in combination I have got an outfi which looks smart, steampunk and is really warm.

Oh, and it also goes very nice with a pilot’s cap and goggles if you want to take the steampunk look to the limit where you get looks from people in the street…