Some thoughts about steampunk music I

(This is an interrupted entry)

Yesterday night we had our office christmas party and I was lucky enough to win a 25€ iTunes voucher during “Wichteln” (apparently a Bavarian christmas tradition, I have not encountered comparable behaviour anywhere else).

So, armed with the voucher I started music shopping this morning, thinking “Let me get myself one or two nice steampunk music albums.”

And that was the point where ther trouble started. There is one problem when it comes to steampunk music:
What exactly is steampunk music?

When you think of steampunk music, there are certain name which pop into your head:

Abney Park

Vernian Process

Dr. Steel


To name a few. If you take a look at the musical tyle of aforementioned bands, they cover quite a range of styles all somewhere within the “goth” section.

To confuse things, I checked out the Steampunk-Tag radio on Last FM. The bands and artists featured in the Steampunk  include amongst others:

(The following toy with retro-looks and/or styles in one way or the others)

Life’s Decay


The Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society


Indica (one of my current favorites, actually)

But there are also other artists (obvioulsy) on the list, whose connection to steampunk is… dubious. The most drastic example is Vanessa Mae. As far as I am concerned, she has nothing to do with steampunk at all. So, the list on Last FM is not really that reliable but then, how should it be? There is no real standard which defines steampunk music, other than maybe retro elements in musical style and outfits/costumes.

And I have to quit this article for now, since our guests have just arrived.