The big project

There is a certain chance that I will not update this blog as often in the foreseeable future as I did the last few weeks. I have decided to turn the First Expedition of LZ-X1 Württemberg into a short story, maybe even a novella. I can not say, how much progress I have made, because I do not know how long the tale will be in the end. Could be anywhere between 30 and 200 pages I guess.

This is my biggest steampunk related project yet. Let us see what becomes of it.
Here is a tiny sneak-peek, Captain von Kober’s first impression of the LZ-X1 Württemberg (this passage may have changed by the time I turn it into a PDF for free download):

She was beautiful. The hull, more than 130 meters long, gleamed and sparkled silvery in the morning sun. She was of a sleeker design than other Zeppelins of comparable size, giving her a more streamlined look. The gondola, too, appeared far less bulky and almost fragile. The whole craft conveyed an impression of graceful speed given shape.

There was something else I wanted to say…

Ah yes: Happy Yithmas everybody!


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