A rant

Well, where shall I start. This is going to be a rather nasty, unapologetic entry but I have to say one thing:

I am sick and tired of finding Germans and Germany as the default evil guys/evil nation on certain RPG and fan fiction sites in connection with the Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Pulp settings.

To make one thing absolutely clear: I am not talking about portrayals like in the very exciting, fun Hollow Earth RPG by Exile Games, which borrows heavily from the Nazi clichée of the Indiana Jones movies. I am fine with that. I actually enjoy that. What I am talking about are settings like Steam Punk 1920, in which World War I ends after a few months with the humiliating defeat of Germany at the hands of the British and Germany is broken up afterwards and descends into obscurity. I do not mind being the loser here. What I do mind is the portrayal as being a walk over, an upstart, petty nation without any real fighting prowess, easily swept away by one other power alone.

May I ask all those who write this kind of one-sided, quasi-revanchist fiction to take a closer look at history? Germany very nearly won both World Wars and in each case it was only the intervention of the US which prevented German victory (although I think a Nazi Empire would have yielded to internal turmoil soon anyway). So please, read up on what the historical situation when it comes to technology etc. really was before writing something about “easy victories” and other cheap, selfserving revanchist tripe like that. What are you aiming at? Pointing to other nations failures in an attempt to cover up the misdeeds of your own country in the last 10 years in the Near East? Yes, I know this is a mean question but I am sick and tired of finding stuff rubbed into my face that is already almost 100 years old.

In the same settings, World War I is regarded as inevitable, because Germany would always start a war anyway. As if the mere presence of Germany makes war inevitable. Historically absolutely false.

If you ask around these days for someone who goes to war no matter what, I guess these initials will pop up: GWB, DC and DR.

Before you depict other nations as evil, ask the opinion of a Native American, OK? Yes, this mainly goes out to US citizens, but I have yet to find similar uninformed, one-sided and self-serving alternate history fiction being done by amateur authors of any other nation.

Well, I guess you will find them in right-wing forums of any nation, but I do not frequent these places.

And before I hear the old and lame argument that I am propably a revanchist Nazi myself:

Please take a closer look at the guest-author on this blog and that if any non-German person would stick up for their country, you would not even suspect nationalism.

Thanks and good night.

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