Steampunked Ersatzvertigo

By Jove,

I was just doing a little image search on the ætherweb, once again in relation to Zeppelins and I came across this old photograph:

Steampunk heroes

These are a number of engineers or in any case crew members of the Teppelin Graf Zeppelin who are walking around on top of the craft while it is in flight.

The thought alone gives me a sense of vertigo. I know, it is completely unreasonable. I have no difficulty looking down from a plane, a skyscraper or a tower, no problem there at all. But the thought of walking about on the outside of an aircraft while it is in flight gives me a strange tingling sensation in my legs which I asociate with vertigo. These men are real steampunk daredevils, as far as I am concerned, anyway, and deserve our respect.